More open source tools available on Bitbucket and Github

Input VCR

An easier way to record player actions. Record inputs, and play them back on any gameobject. Useful for replays, demos, puzzles and cutscenes.

Available on the Unity Asset Store(free with examples) and on Github


Integrates the Twitter streaming API into .Net (& Unity) projects. Uses OAuth, and can be customised for whatever filters you need.

Available on Github

Soundscape Control

Stop killing yourself over fading different audiosources in and out. It's never as simple as you think it's going to be. Just take the script and don't ask questions. You're welcome.


A simple script to draw a realistically hanging rope between two points in Unity using a line renderer.


NOW UNSUPPORTED (use the 4.6 UI!)... A gameobject based GUI system for Unity. Lets you create a 3D GUI as you make a scene. You don't have to worry about resolution, platform support or pixel ratios. Also features a full GUI event system, to make complicated interfaces much easier, and a unified Input system so you can go from mouse to touch input without changing any code!

Available on the Unity Asset Store