queer space(?)

fight and fuck on the forbidden frontier



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Whistle Down the Wind

The exhibit seems to be malfunctioning. Good thing no one's visited in years

for 'song' pageant at makega.me

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source engine mod set in a brutalist paradise


To the Same Tune


for 'Open the Doors' at Bushwick Open Studios 2012

Download for OSX/WIN

Find Yourself

Who are you? Find your place in the crowd.

for 'Why am I No One Else', curated by John Clendernen

PLAY ONLINE (Unity webplayer) or download for OSX/Win

With Robert Yang (as Altercation)

Super Cult Tycoon 2 : Deluxe Edtion

Manage a cult, abduct enlighten new followers, build up your base and keep the FBI away until the ascension.

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2-player, 1-controller game about nazis and relationships.

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Jersey Shouroborous

Play the producer of THAT reality tv show, who is also a snake. You have to eat the cast to keep the ratings up. Yup.

Won "Best Use of Theme" and "Audience Choice", as well as a nomination for "Best Overall" at the NYU Global Game Jam.

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Lucas Debes

2-player, asymmetrical hide-and-seek, set on the 17th century Faroe Islands.

download for OSX/WIN

NOTE: only LAN support for now, sorry.

Ludum Dare Nonsense

(A frantic 48-hr GameJam. Quality is...less important...)

FUCKING RUN!!! (LD #21 : Escape)

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Polonius(MiniLD #27 : All Talk)

made with Robert Yang

Entry Page PLAY (Unity Web Plugin required. Large, unrefined build warning!)

A Charming Man (LD #22 : Alone)

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A Charming Man

The Free Internet

made as a part of an Anti-SOPA games rally at Ludum Dare. A rather cynical view of the internet.

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Team Fortress 2