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Unity + Git, Friends Forever – Pt 2 : The Essentials

This is part two of a three part guide to using Git with Unity. Part one deals with setting up Git and Unity to work together, while part three will detail a workflow that works well with Unity projects in particular. This part is a guide to the essential Git functions you need to know to use it. It will most help those new to Git, but anyone can use this part as a Git cheat-sheet, or as an intro to SourceTree or the command line.
So…what can you actually do with this Git thing?
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Unity + Git, Friends Forever – Pt 1 : Setup

I recently wrote a quick post about how I use Git submodules to manage my code/asset packages in Unity. While writing it I realised how difficult just getting to that stage with version control can be.

We’ve all heard how useful this version control thing is. If you work in a team larger than 2-3, you need it to manage changes to the project. If you don’t, you need it to store backups and history. It lets you reuse code and keep it updated easily. It saves my ass daily (when my laptop died suddenly last week, it took longer to find monitor cables than it did to get my project up and running on another computer). It’ll save your ass daily too.

So, here’s the first a multi-part, step by step guide on how I use Unity with Git on OSX. Yes, there are other methods. Yes, there are other platforms. But I use Git like this.

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The joys of submodule-ing in Unity

So Robert Yang posted a decent guide on how to ‘sub-project’ your Unity projects so they can share a common code-base easily. This does what it needs to do pretty well, you can easily add to and maintain your own framework, and build individual games on top of it. This, as he warns, comes with some complications. You have to juggle different build/player/editor/project settings, each game’s /Resources folder will be included with every build, and you need to manage an ever-growing script base. I manage my shared code a different way, though the magic of Git submodules.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.52.51 PM

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