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Motivation Go!

Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be spending a significant amount of time on trains. While I will spend most of my time wistfully gazing upon poor peoples’ back gardens, at some point I should really get some work done.
I have stupidly got the idea in my head that I should try making a game on a train (fake working title : Train Game: Aim, Maim, then Explain) It will be an ugly game, full of bugs, and probably not so great, but maybe I’ll learn something? Maybe I’ll end up throwing my laptop out the window?
I’m tossed up between another Source mod, Flash ala Flixel (as in Canabalt) or Unity…

Suppose something should go here…

So, this is GrapeFruit games, a place I can put my work and other thoughts relating to gaming. If anyone takes note it will hopefully give me a bigger push to get a move on, as well as giving me feedback as I go. Oh, and I know the site and server isn’t great, I’m on a free host while I get things sorted.

Currently working on an iPhone game, my first to be released into the wild, although that is still a while away now. I haven’t settled on a title yet, and I’ll keep gameplay specifics to myself until it’s in a more working state. However, the background stuff I can share. I’m using Unity(iPhone indie version) to build it, a fantastic tool worth every penny, I tried the direct OpenGL way and it would’ve taken me years. Unity lets me build the world directly, and gameplay programming is done through scripts, which are much easier to program, and more importantly, let me change variables quickly so I can fine tune the gamplay.

Unity is really geared towards 3D games, and since mine is 2D, I’m using a mod for it (Sprite Manager)that lets me easily render sprites rather than 3D models. Since I had already made progress making it 3D, I’m currently reverting all my ingame objects to sprites, which hopefully won’t take too long. Once that is done, I can start putting up a couple of screen shots.

Anyway, enough for now, more details about Unity and the game soon,

Thanks for reading!