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Unity + Git, Friends Forever – Pt 5 : Forking Git!

You see, the word ‘forking’ sounds a little like ‘fucking’ so we laugh. Jokes. Ah. So. All this Git stuff is great and all, but after setting up one project to integrate really well with Git, adding submodules, branches, etc, you don’t really want to do it all over again for each project. Luckily, as with all problems in the first paragraph of these posts, Git is the answer. Bitbucket, Github, and other repo hosts offer a feature called ‘Forking’, which is really just copying a repo in a fancy way. It’s a fancy way because each copied repo (fork) maintains a connection to the original repo, so if you update the original you can sync the changes into each forked project (and vice versa). A little like a branch, although the repos themselves have no knowledge of the other forks. Continue reading Unity + Git, Friends Forever – Pt 5 : Forking Git!