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New game : “Find Yourself”

In September I was offered to take part in an art show my neighbour, John Clendernen, was curating. The theme was “Self”, and I made a game alongside photographs and videos from other artists. I enjoyed the opportunity to make a game that could be left alone for most of the time, since games at galleries don’t actually get played. I focussed on making a compelling atmosphere, with interaction limited to scrolling the camera around in a simple hide & seek mechanic.

I was surprised to find people actually taking the time to beat the game. So surprised, in fact, that I hadn’t bothered to test the end-game logic, so the game at the show was un-completable.

Luckily I’ve fixed it up a little since then. You can play around with it either on the web (although on my mac it has a really cool character render glitch), or download for Windows/OSX with gamepad support.

There is no audio since it was intended for a loud gallery environment. Controls are in the readme, but don’t expect any deep mechanics. Find Yourself sits firmly in the ‘passive game’ camp.

InputVCR v1.2 available

Good news for anyone using InputVCR, it’s been updated to be better and easier to use! It has had a major rewrite, and is unfortunately no longer compatible with old recordings or many access methods. In return, it is far less fiddly to use and has much better documentation.

InputVCR is a helper package to make recording and playback far, far easier. Use it for ghost players, puzzles, demo playback or even delayed multiplayer. Try the terrible demo to see a basic example.

The new version is up on GitHub (always the latest) or on the Asset Store (also includes an example setup, and a handy script for smoothing location updates)

Hypno-vision : “To the Same Tune”


My most wonderful ex-flatmates at the House of Oops are taking part in the 2012 Bushwick Open Studios. They’re an loft and workspace, providing a creative, relaxing environment to artists from all over the world. I stayed there during 2011 while I lived in New York, and had a lot of fun at the last BOS. This year they invited me to put something forward for the show alongside work by more than 50 others, and although I didn’t have anything new that really suited it, I managed to whip up an audio-visualiser that can at least look nifty in the background. ‘To the Same Tune’ was inspired by my time in New York, a city so full of energy it can be overwhelming. Continue reading Hypno-vision : “To the Same Tune”

New game : War Dog

I had been waiting for this weekend for a long time, it was Molyjam weekend! The Molyjam was(still is?) a gamejam based on the tweets of @PeterMolydeux, a Peter Molyneux parody. Many/all of the ideas are ridiculous, but they’re often brilliant. The Molyjam will hopefully help people realise that ridiculous ideas can lead to amazing games. My game, however, was WAR DOG.

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UniGUI – Now available in the Unity Asset Store!

Unity is a wonderful program, that lets you build 3D scenes, change them, and have them do almost anything you want very quickly. The GUI system, however, sucks. The GUI scripting system forces you to put all the code in one function, you have to specify resolutions directly, and you can’t see what you’re changes look like until runtime. It sucks. Continue reading UniGUI – Now available in the Unity Asset Store!

InputVCR – Make recording/replaying actions in Unity a bit easier

One of my current projects, needed the ability to record player input, then play it back on an object. This is something I’ve had to do several times already. In Muckraker it was how you could ‘film’ something. Rather than record all the changing variables on an object/character (position, rotation, whether they are firing…) you can in most cases just record what the player does. When you play back this input, the object will do the same things and act the same way. (keep in mind that external inputs, like physics, can make the object drift off course after a while, but this can usually be minimised). Even so, keeping track of inputs and playing stuff back without ‘live’ input getting in the way can be a headache.

“There’s got to be an easier way!” (you may say)
[UPDATE: Example project now available in the asset store. Or check out the example scene]

From a site called "Classrooms of the Future" !?!?

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