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InputVCR v1.2 available

Good news for anyone using InputVCR, it’s been updated to be better and easier to use! It has had a major rewrite, and is unfortunately no longer compatible with old recordings or many access methods. In return, it is far less fiddly to use and has much better documentation.

InputVCR is a helper package to make recording and playback far, far easier. Use it for ghost players, puzzles, demo playback or even delayed multiplayer. Try the terrible demo to see a basic example.

The new version is up on GitHub (always the latest) or on the Asset Store (also includes an example setup, and a handy script for smoothing location updates)

Ludum Dare: Slkdfj nksjgt!

So this time around I decided to take part in “My First Ludum Dare,” during its 20th incarnation.  I’m sure there were more than a few #altdevbloggrs who participated, but for those who don’t know, Ludum Dare(LD) is a competition every four months that gives entrants 48 hrs to make a game. It’s very similar to the Global Game Jam (my whinging related to that here), but even stricter. You have to fly solo, and (almost)all assets must be made (or sampled or photographed) during the 48 hrs. There also isn’t (as far as I know) groups that get together to “dare” as in the GGJ. Continue reading Ludum Dare: Slkdfj nksjgt!


There’s one question that we as devs don’t bother asking, don’t know the answer, or choose to ignore it, “Why should my game be made?”. All of us have a stake in the success and advancement of the industry. All of us have a passion for games, because we’re definitely not in this for the money (as I type this I’m at the glamourous day-job that supports my very un-profitable indie dev career). So why don’t we ask why? Continue reading Why?