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Unity and Replays

Replaying actions in a game is a surprisingly common feature. There are match replays of course, but recorded actions are also used in cutscenes, ‘ghost’ players in racing games, and a variety of puzzles, like those for Clank in Ratchet & Clank:A Crack in Time. Many engines support at least a limited ability to record action in-game, as opposed to recording a movie, the demo command in Source for example. Unity, however, does not.

One of my current projects is heavily reliant on character replays. I’ve written several replay methods in past projects, and knew how much work it ended up being. I never want to have to go through that again, so decided to roll my own, generic, adaptable record/replay system for Unity. It went…OK…

(For anyone interested, but not enough to read about it, the script is on Github)

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The Crying Game #1: A Unity3D Dev Diary

This dreary September,Robert Yang and myself are taking part in the 2nd Super Friendship Club’s pageant. These pageants, open to all, give you a month to make a game surrounding a theme. This time around the theme is Mystism. Stretching that slightly, we are making ‘Cult Tycoon’ (working title), where players must recruit cult members and make as much money before Judgement Day, while keeping the FBI off their backs.

As the ‘programmer’ on this game, this dev diary will go over code techniques and structures I’m using, and some of the lessons and tips I’m learning, in the hope it will help, or at least be of interest, to somebody. It will mostly cover basic practice, but may delve into more advanced stuff if I end up going that way. Also, since this is a somewhat different breed of game than what I usually make, I’m coding it almost entirely from scratch, so I’ll be experimenting as a go along. For more up-to-the minute progress reports, see our thread on the Club’s forums.

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