ALPHA Game Release : : Lomcovak

Competitive Aerial Dueling/Dancing

Presented in stereo for Oculus Rift via Win/Mac


The Rift, being expensive and technically unreleased, isn’t the most logical platform to tie a game to. Unfortunately, this one kinda relies on the VR helmet. A two-player (yeah, you need two Rifts) fighter, using just the Rift’s head tracking and one button. Look at a platform, use the button to jump to it, and if the other player is still on it you get a hit on them. First to X wins. Uh also all the platforms are facing different directions and you’re hovering above a dystopic neo-somewhere, and you have to figure out what up is and what it means in the real world that you’re controlling it from.

Screenshot 3

A warning. It may make you sick. I recommend standing (though some may prefer to sit), and use a personally calibrated Rift. I have no issues (the Rift demo kills me), but this game puts you in a washing machine and judges you on how quickly you reorient yourself, so please be aware. That said, looking around is the most immediately compelling thing to do in VR, and it’s fun for that to be challenged!

Screenshot 2

If you manage to run a test, I’d be rather grateful for feedback and suggestions. I have my own ideas of where to take this but MORE is BETTER.–tnS9Ew=

Practicles :

Download v0.1 (Win & Mac)

(a lomcovak is a haphazard looking, though tightly controlled aerial acrobatic manoeuvre)