New game : “Find Yourself”

In September I was offered to take part in an art show my neighbour, John Clendernen, was curating. The theme was “Self”, and I made a game alongside photographs and videos from other artists. I enjoyed the opportunity to make a game that could be left alone for most of the time, since games at galleries don’t actually get played. I focussed on making a compelling atmosphere, with interaction limited to scrolling the camera around in a simple hide & seek mechanic.

I was surprised to find people actually taking the time to beat the game. So surprised, in fact, that I hadn’t bothered to test the end-game logic, so the game at the show was un-completable.

Luckily I’ve fixed it up a little since then. You can play around with it either on the web (although on my mac it has a really cool character render glitch), or download for Windows/OSX with gamepad support.

There is no audio since it was intended for a loud gallery environment. Controls are in the readme, but don’t expect any deep mechanics. Find Yourself sits firmly in the ‘passive game’ camp.