New game : War Dog

I had been waiting for this weekend for a long time, it was Molyjam weekend! The Molyjam was(still is?) a gamejam based on the tweets of @PeterMolydeux, a Peter Molyneux parody. Many/all of the ideas are ridiculous, but they’re often brilliant. The Molyjam will hopefully help people realise that ridiculous ideas can lead to amazing games. My game, however, was WAR DOG.

I chose the tweet “Modern warfare 3. You play as a dog trying to find his lost family. Music score by Elton John.”. Lost in a warzone after a battle, you need to sniff a whole lot of bodies to find your owner. Can you bring him back? Then there’s a whole lot of Elton John to keep things interesting. My hope  is that it gets enough interest that I can be sued by Sir Reginald Dwight, go bankrupt, and avoid paying my enormous student loan back (I think that’s how bankruptcy works).

A stealth/action/dog game, mostly unbalanced but, as a first for my gamejam games, mostly functional!

PLAY HERE (Unity webplugin, ~14MB)

DOWNLOAD (for full screen and pretties): Win, OSX (careful, highly unoptimised)