Wha’ Happen?

So, I’m spending my last few days in the US at GDC. What have I done, and what mischief have I got planned for the near future? For the 2012 GDC Pirate Kart, a collection of short-to-make games (975 as of writing) available to be played at GDC. I made Be A Cat, where you chase a laser pointer, and The Official Game of the MTA, where you stop trains from crashing and people dying. Try them out?

I’m currently putting the final touches on Celestio!, a game Robert Yang and I started for the last SuperFriendshipClub Pageant (theme: Universe). As usual, we didn’t really put enough time into it, so missed the deadline. It’s a renaissance naval combat game, single/multiplayer. It’ll be free online and, as an experiment, on the iPad for 99c. Should be done by the end of the month.

Also by the end of this month I’ll be finishing up UniGUI, an easy to se set of GUI elements for Unity. They’re cross-platform, easy to customize, and will make things like a touch scrolling menu much simpler.

I plan on polishing up Streamer, my .Net/Unity Twitter streaming API as well. Maybe I’ll end up making a game using it too. Here it is on Github if you’d like to use/improve it.

points if you recognise this...

These two, [redacted], and [redacted], are games I’ve been mulling over for a while, but should actually have time to sit down and work towards in the next couple months. Maybe they’ll be something?